New Scrunch Butt Bikini Collection = New Photo Shoot

Scrunch Butt Bikinis Collection by Babycakes Bikinis

Babycakes Bikinis Photo Shoot

Babycakes Bikinis has spent the last six months or so logging in the girl hours to design some brand new looks for our 2012 Scrunch Butt Bikini Collection. Some hints of what’s to come include monokinis, scrunch bikini bottoms without strings, pucker bikini bottoms with strings, ruched swimwear bottoms with ring accessories, bandeau bikini tops, and more! Of course, Babycakes Bikinis’s Signature Fish Tail and Whale Tail Bikini Bottoms will compliment each new design allowing girls to have their choice between sexy and ultra sexy bikini bottoms.

Our hot new monokinis will definitely stir up some talk, as this is a new style we have developed…but these aren’t just your normal monokinis….there’s something special about them. Besides the fact that they are hand made and designed in California by Babycakes Bikinis, they can be worn four ways!!! Yup…you read right….a piece of swimwear that can be worn four ways!!! That’s like four swimwear styles in one! You’ll have to see it to believe it. Which is why we are so exited to have out photo shoot on October 16, 2011 for the new collection.

For our first and only photo shoot last year, we had two models that helped get Babycakes Bikinis on the map of sexy scrunch bikinis. But for the next photo shoot, we will be choosing some new girls that have different style bodies and looks that will take the bikini line in a whole new direction. We are all about being “American Made” and so we want to make sure we have girls of all looks! Our new models will be chosen shortly, so stay tuned!!

About Babycakes Bikinis

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