Sexy Bikini Collection

Our Bikini Collection is now available! We have taken advise from our clients and made our collection based on what they want to see for this next year! We chose different looking models to cater to the different looks of the girls who wear our sexy scrunch bikinis.

This bikini in particular, the Amanda Bikini, was influenced the most by our clients. They wanted a vibrant sexy yellow bikini, with a twist. Since many of our current clients loved the Rebecca Bikini, we used this style of an exotic sexy lace bikini to this new look. The Amanda Bikini is now one of our favorites for this collection. It has a great color, not too bright, yet not too dull of a yellow. Up close, it has a nice shimmer! The black lace that traces the bikini highlights the cures of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body. Then two bows on the triangle top and one bow on the scrunch makes this sexy Brazilian Bikini perfectly balanced!

We are always open to design ideas. So if you are a bikini enthusiast like we are, we would like to hear your ideas of sexy bikinis. If there is something you have always been looking for, but can’t seem to find the perfect bikini, we would love to hear from you!

Yellow and Black lace pucker bathing suit

Amanda Bikini by Babycakes Bikinis yellow and black lace scrunch butt


About Babycakes Bikinis

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