Black and Yellow Alligator Ruched String Bikini

The Addison Bikini is an exotic black and yellow bikini with alligator print. Both the top and bottom are string swimwear. The yellow trim makes the bikini pop especially when on darker tanned skin. This black and yellow bikini has two different style bikini bottoms, the fish tail bikini bottom and the whale tail bikini bottom. The fish tail swimwear bottom is the perfect sexy micro bikini bottom with minimal coverage on the bottom. The whale tail bikini bottom provides more coverage than the fish tail, but is still sexier than the average bathing suit bottom. Both bikini bottoms are scrunch butt so your bottom is perfectly contoured by the swimwear. To shop for this bikini, please visit our Babycakes Bikinis website. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Below are photos of customers of ours who have sent us photos of their Addison Bikini! Special thanks to and Nina Nicole! Nina is wearing a small bikini top with fish tail style bikini bottom.

exotic micro black with yellow trim string swimwear

black alligator print with yellow trim bikini

black and yellow fish tail scrunch butt bikini bottom

sexy black and yellow bikini with ruched swimwear bottom

black and yellow sexy swimwear

black alligator print bikini with yellow trim

sexy string bikini by Babycakes Bikinis

black and yellow string swimwear

exotic black and yellow bikini with strings scrunch butt swimwear

animal print with black and yellow string bathing suit

Babycakes Bikinis yellow and black bikini - addison bikini

micro scrunch butt bikini in black and yellow

Special thanks to Anita for her photos. Anita is wearing her Addison Bikini with a large bikini top and whale tail style bikini bottom.

alligator print in black with yellow trim string bikini

yellow and black exotic bikini

addison bikini by babycakes bikinis

black and yellow swimwear with pucker bikini bottom

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