Carlsbad Beach Fest 2012


Another year, another day on the beach with sexy bikinis and beautiful bikini models! Carlsbad Beach Fest 2012 was filled with all sorts of events, vendors, music, and food. Ask anyone there and they will tell you the Babycakes Bikinis booth was the highlight of the day. We teamed up with Ocean Palms Beach Resort and had our booth right next to the infamous sand sculptures, so everyone who came to see the awesome design work of sand sculptures, go a little something extra ;-) There were all sorts of people taking photos of the smokin’ hot girls, it turned into a paparazzi event!! We even held a contest where a cute chick won of our sexy scrunch bikinis! Awesome day at the beach, hot girls in bikinis to look at, and a free bikini….sounds like a good day to me!

The bikinis that were worn include:

  • Markie Bikini: Sally wore this super cute white and neon color string bikini with the whale tail pucker bikini bottom
  • Kimber Bikini: Britney wore this sexy nude and black lace lingerie bikini in the fish tail ruched bikini bottom
  • Gabby Bikini: Amanda wore this hot black with white fish net bikini with teal trim in a fish tail scrunch butt bottom
  • Lucy Bikini: Nina wore this sexy pink lace bathing suit with white trim and black bow bikini with a scrunchie swimwear bottom

Special thanks again to those who coordinated Carlsbad Beach Fest, Ocean Palms Beach Resort in Carlsbad, our sexy bikini models, and all of our supporters!

About Babycakes Bikinis

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